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Hi, My name is quobix.1

I’m a hacker, product guy, software architect, inventor, technical leader, and failed musician.

I have about twenty-six years of experience with designing and building software and software products across various industries and businesses.

My specialty is Experience Engineering, which generally means that I design and build technology that you engage with as a consumer.

I work as a Distinguished Engineer at Splunk.

Making complex things feel simple and intuitive.

My ultimate goal, Creating the big red ’easy’ button.

The easy button means abstracting away a lot of different technological complexities.

All those complexities are pretty cool because it means I get to touch a lot of fast-moving tech.

I generally specialize in UI, CLI, API, and developer experience (DX); however, I’ve designed and built across a large landscape.

I’ve had the pleasure of architecting and building multiple platforms, SaaS products, developer tools, frameworks, games, and enterprise-scale management systems.

I am also the founder (and chief buckaroo) of princess beef heavy industries.

In case you’re interested in learning more, I have written an article on experience engineering.


  1. My real name is Dave Shanley, but I go by my handle ‘quobix’ on the interwebs. ↩︎