Need to configure vacuum in a consistent way?

vacuum supports an optional configuration via a vacuum.conf.yaml file in the current working directory or ~/.config in your home directory (on Linux and MacOS X).

If neither of those locations are to your taste, the location of the configuration file can be set using the VACUUM environment variable.

What can be configured?

vacuum flags can be set using key value pairs in the vacuum.conf.yaml file.

For example, to set the --no-style and --hard-mode flags, you would add the following to your vacuum.conf.yaml file:

no-style: true
hard-mode: true

Here is how you can configure vacuum to always use a ruleset and a base path:

ruleset: "../rules/production-ruleset.yaml"
base: "../../specs"

Setting the VACUUM environment variable

Need to keep your configuration file in a specific location? Set the VACUUM environment variable to point to the location of your configuration file.

VACUUM="../../some/path/myconfig.yaml" vacuum lint openapi.yaml