vacuum will return a slice of model.RuleFunctionResult structs as a linting result. The data list is unstructured and unsorted. If you’re game to try and sift through all that then good luck!

However, most of us want a simpler way to sort, group and search that data.

This is where RuleResultSet comes in.

Creating a new RuleResultSet

Use model.NewRuleResultSet() to create a new RuleResultSet pointer.

    // read in an OpenAPI Spec to a byte array
    specBytes, err := ioutil.ReadFile("myspec.yaml")
    if err != nil {

    // build and store built-in vacuum default RuleSets.
    defaultRS := rulesets.BuildDefaultRuleSets()

    // generate the 'recommended' RuleSet
    recommendedRS := defaultRS.GenerateOpenAPIRecommendedRuleSet()

    // apply the rules in the ruleset to the specification
    lintingResults := motor.ApplyRulesToRuleSet(
            RuleSet: recommendedRS,
            Spec:    specBytes,

    // create a new model.RuleResultSet from the results.
    // structure allows categorization, sorting and searching
    // in a simple and consistent way.
    resultSet := model.NewRuleResultSet(lintingResults.Results)
    //.. do something interesting with resultSet

Now you can use resultSet to sort all the results by category, order by line number and much more.

Full documentation for RuleResultSet can be found at