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JSON Path: $.servers[*]

The url value cannot end with a trailing slash. The addition of a slash will create invalid URI’s when consumed by tools.

why is this rule not recommended?
This rule is also covered by the oas3-api-servers rule. If you enable both of these rules, then you will see a ‘double’ hit.

Why did this violation appear?

‘/’ was found at the end of the url property of the specification.

Bad example

 - url: "https//quobix.com/"

Will generate quobix.com//vacuum. The double slash comes from leaving it on the end of the host.

Good example

 - url: "https//quobix.com"

How do I fix this violation?

Remove ‘/’ from the end of the url property.

Spectral Equivalent

The rule is equivalent to oas3-host-trailing-slash