Want to throw the kitchen sink at your OpenAPI specification? Use All the rules!

To configure all the rules, you can simply use the same mechanism Spectral uses for extending a ruleset.

Create a new file (something like all-rules.yaml) and add the following YAML to it:

extends: [[spectral:oas, all]]

This creates a ruleset that extends ‘all’ rules. You can find this ruleset in the rulesets/examples directory, and it’s named all-ruleset.yaml

Now you can run any vacuum command that supports a ruleset.

vacuum command -r all-rules.yaml my-openapi-spec.yaml

Generating complete RuleSet.

To generate a complete RuleSet of every rule and all the configurations used, vacuum contains a generate-ruleset command that accepts an ‘all’ option. This command only generates YAML files.

vacuum generate-ruleset all my-ruleset

Will generate ‘my-ruleset-all.yaml’ and will be a complete listing of every rule available.